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How to Determine if You Need Stucco Repair

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Residential stucco is a well-known finishing material for all types of homes in the United States. It offers a beautiful look to the whole exterior structure. Stucco provides great visual elements that make it the choice of siding material, aside from vinyl.  

Unfortunately, when the material starts to come off, stucco repair services become a necessity. There are a couple of reasons why your stucco might wear down. This includes accidental damage, wear and tear, moisture intrusion, and more.  

So, how can you determine if you need a stucco repair Miami service? Here are some tips: 

Low-Quality Installation 

The stucco’s poor installation could be the ultimate red flag. The flaws in the foam trim indicate that the stucco was not put properly. The stucco has a danger of falling and cracking if the seam is not correctly bonded. 

Rust Damage 

If you notice rust spots on your?stucco, it is likely in need of repair. The rusty mold has the potential to grow throughout the stucco, causing lasting harm. To save the appearance of your home, you may need to replace the stucco. You can engage stucco professionals who can readily fix it if you detect it quickly. Rebar rust is occasionally present. However, it is not noticeable. An expert can tell if the rebar has corroded because it is embedded in the concrete. 

Stucco Cracks 

Another indication that the stucco requires repair is if you notice cracks in the surface. Though it is a tough material, there can be damaged due to different reasons. Small cracks or gaps in the stucco might be caused by insects or pets. It will gradually eat away at the clean texture and ruin the exterior’s appearance. Stucco cracks could also form when large objects or equipment strike the finish by mistake. Strong winds can also weaken the stucco, causing it to slide off with only a touch. 

Water Stains 

Water spots in the stucco, which are usually brownish or red, indicate that it has to be repaired. Water incursion pierced the cloth, causing the stains. Lines beneath the window junction, leakage at the door base, darkening of the windows, or simply a moldy odor are all signs of mold. Stucco repair becomes necessary in such instances. Water stains are caused by water droplets that haven’t been able to escape since there isn’t enough space for them to do so. Make sure you’ve figured out where the water is coming from. 

Save Money by Fixing Stucco 

If you already have stucco or plaster on your walls, getting rid of it completely may be more expensive than hiring a professional to repair it. Even after removing the surface layer, you’ll have to pay to have a completely new interior surface installed. If your property currently has plaster or stucco, investing in quality maintenance and upkeep is a no-brainer. 

Keep in mind that fixing damaged or old surfaces requires the expertise of a qualified craftsman. So, what are your options? Of course, you’ll need to enlist the help of professionals. 

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